Growing Glowing Architecture

Alice Bonicelli - Master Graduation Thesis


Master Graduation Thesis 2016 - MIARD Master Interior Architecture and Retail Design, WDKA, Rotterdam in collaboration with Microbiology department Univeristy of Utrecth.

For the full thesis see here

What’s the next step after millennia of technological evolution in lighting systems, from fireplaces to candles, from gas to electricity? This project is a speculation on how we will illuminate our future interiors and is an effort to explore the light-producing properties of bioluminescent fungi outside the usual confines of scientific practice.

An intricate system of tubes simulates the effects of a bioluminescent interior, turning the architectural envelope into a performative shell in transformation. In the bioluminescent interiors of the future, space, matter and light become one. 

Bioloux was featured on Designboom and Pasajes de Arquitectura in 2016