Dream For A Hostel

Alice Bonicelli

The project for a dorm in a hostel comes from the acknowledgment that Milan lacks of low-cost hospitality infrastructures, therefore it aims to respond to a concrete social and economic need of the city. 

The layout embeds the need of privacy of the guests into the common space of a dorm. In fact, whereas the strongest point of the hostel-typology of accomodation is the fact of bringing strangers together in a forced temporary cohabitation, on the other hand they always lack in solutions for individual privacy. The designed dorm brings these two instances together. The bunk beds are replaced by wooden equipped platforms hanging on the walls, each on different heights so to provide a higher visual separation. The platforms are designed to be proper islands of relative privacy in which one can store his belongings in a built-in compartment, and enjoy the sleep as much as the relax time, being a built-in chaise long at the end side of the platform. 

The lighting design is divided into global illumination, individual lights for each bed, and a LED path on the floor for signaling the way to the bathroom over night. 




Image credits Alice Bonicelli. All rights reserved.