Pharmacy of Ambrosia


Project of retail design.

The designed environment is meant to resemble an Olympus-like setting in which medicines are presented as desirable and promising goods. The goal is to make a parallel between the context of consumption of ambrosia, by gods, on the imaginary Olympus, and the context of consumption of medicines, in the environment of a re-imagined pharmacy.

The new pharmacy is an exclusive environment.The goal is to represent the consumption of medicines an enjoyable activity, as much as a banquet for gods on the Olympus. The collective and exclusive context of consumption is meant to make the consumer feel as belonging to a privileged élite of temporary “superhumans” when consuming medicines.

The Pharmacy of Ambrosia is not a proposal for an utopian environment, but rather wants to question the relevance of social context of consumption, and how much the designed environment influence the perception of the value of commodities. It also wants to explore how much marketing strategies can make up appealing narratives, also through the spatial set up, even for the most undesirable products and make them look as the most amazing ones. What the consequences would be if this process was applied to medicines? This is actually already happening, as there is plenty of advertisiment for medical supplies, which celebrate the almost miracolous effects of them. To which extent is this legitimate? 


Image credits Alice Bonicelli. All rights reserved.