The Space Smells Us

Alice Bonicelli

What if the relation of consumption between space and customer was reversed? What if the space could consume us, rather than being us consuming the space and the products in it?By analysing different typologies of design strategies in retail spaces, especially in the moment of entering/exiting, it was noticed that there are plenty of electronic devices that are able to capture virtual information about the user: so, who is consuming who, really? 

The project consists in a 1:1 scale installation made out of 5000 sigarette filters (unused), embedded into two metallic meshes. The body and the fibrous structure of the material of the filters resembles the one of the cells of the inner cavity of the nose: that tissue make them able to capture the volatile molecules responsible for smells.  In fact, smells are nothing more that chemicals whose bonds are to weak to prevent them to flow away, turning the space into a sensitive organ. It is a piece which has temporary life, as after a while the filters would saturate; after dismantling it, it would be interesting to analise what kind of molecules have been trapped, and what they reveal about the environment. This nostril-space would become a chemical portray, definitely peculiar to the context it occupies.



Image credits Alice Bonicelli. All rights reserved.