Alice Bonicelli is an interior designer based in Sydney, working on a range of residential and art projects. She is a global citizen who has worked for design and architecture firms in Milan and Sydney.

Thanks to these expeiences, she developed a deep knowledge of design trends and processes.

Alice holds a bachelor in Interior Design from Politecnico of Milan and a Master in Retail Design from Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, where she experimented with pushing the buondaries of the concept of "interior" and dealt with a range of projects from retail, exhibition, art installation, and had her projects exhibited and published in several occasions. 

" Through my works I imagine visionary alternative futures.

I like to borrow creative tools from other disciplines for the construction of challenging environments, together with a thorough knowledge of space and visualisation techniques.

I believe contemporary design is not about form or function, rather about experiences and the ability to make concepts tangible."

Alice's latest work experiences were at:

- The Stylesmiths (AU)

- Forward Thinking Design (AU)

- MBA & Partners (IT)