Rockdale Family Home


 This Sydney inner suburbs family home needed an upgrade that would refresh the look of the 90's styled rooms and increase the value of the property at the same time. 

While the whole body of the house undewent a refreshing transformation thanks to new paint and finishes, the main design focus was on the most valuable rooms of the property - bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.

Time was spent discussing the owners' requirements for a fresher and brighter space, which would look contemporary without compromising on cozyness and comfort. A completely new colour and material scheme substituted the old black and white hard finishes. Priority was given to natural materials, earthy tones and clean shapes, with timber and black powder coated accents.

The wet rooms underwent a total renovation, whereas the kitchen maintained the same functional layout but gained a whole new and refreshing appearance by upgrading appliances and finishes. 

Bathrooms builder: Menai Bathrooms

Kitchen and laundry joinery: Dream Doors Kitchen